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Thanking the foreign visitors in the Blog.

Photographing witch my Motorola
Hello friends of the world!

This week's publication will be totally dedicated to you who visit the page much more than the Brazilians in search of the information that I dedicate myself to produce.

That is why the writing will be in blue and italic, which features in my blog the English language.

I really want to thank each one of you who are in this statistic provided by google that post below:

Today 03/31/2017

Page views by country

Gráfico dos países mais populares entre os visualizadores do blog
Input                        Page Views
Estados Unidos USA                              152

Brazil                                                   14
Portugal                                                01

In the week

Page views by country
                         Gráfico dos países mais populares entre os visualizadores do blog

                Input                  Page Views
Estados Unidos USA

And to thank you with all my energy, I will write only English so that I can feel that I am speaking to each of you, regardless of whether you are from the US or other countries of other languages, but also speak English.

Page views by country in the month:

Unfortunately, unlike the Brazilians who do not care about the importance of the universal English language in the education of every inhabitant of that country and for that I apologize.

Gráfico dos países mais populares entre os visualizadores do blog
           Input                        Page View
Estados Unidos USA                  3921
Brazil                                     1264
Germany                                    26
Canada                                      20
France                                       17
Poland                                       10
Portugal                                      08
Chile                                           04
Peru                                            03
Ukraine                                        03

                                               I take this homage to all of you foreigners who come here to invite you to come to São Sebastião, to Brazil a wonderful country, which unfortunately ruled by corrupt people without any ethics, but which does not allow, that the will to receive them is bigger than the problems we've been through.

The video I present to you below is about the beautiful citizen that I live in today and has numerous attractions to the delight of each one of you.

We would like to inform you that if you are interested in visiting us, just contact us at the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses below, so that we can offer you the best and most sophisticated structure in tourism consultancy, promoting the service from the airport to Any companions in our region, to enjoy gastronomy, leisure, concerts, bars, parties, lodging, varied tours, shopping and everything that can offer you pleasure and well being in your stay.

Thank you again America, but come here and contact us for wonderful moments, UBER is all over the world, but here we have the exclusive "T-UBER", to take you wherever you want, speaking the language you speak...

Please participate, share, leave your critics, help us if you can.

Thanks and see you next week.


Donations to help: 1357 013 00018730-1
Caixa Economica Federal
São Sebastião SP Brazil

Twiiter: @tourismejipp
Whatsapp: 12 997141841
Mtb: 0077272/SP

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